Monday, 16 July 2018

How You Can Store Your Data Securely and Access on Demand

Data storage is a key factor for every business. The data keeps increasing as your business grows. Your business requires an efficient storage system that can scale instantly. With the introduction of cloud computing, the cloud storage started getting popular among both individuals and businesses. While individuals can manage with the free cloud services, the risk factors come into the forefront when it comes to the data of a business. Keeping the security factors in consideration, a separate enterprise cloud storage was initiated at a cost.

Large organizations can afford to rely on-premise cloud storage. Many organizations adopted the hybrid cloud storage solution using their on-premise facility for critical and sensitive applications and using the cloud for their other IT operations. However, these solutions were not feasible for the small businesses as they neither have the budget nor the proficiency to manage. The enterprise cloud storage works as an ideal platform offering affordable and efficient storage solution to improve their business performance.

When you move to the cloud, there are tremendous savings on infrastructure. All you need is a computer and internet connection to start with. The cloud hosting service provider will manage and maintain the servers for you. So, you do not need technical proficiency saving you more money.

Some of the benefits include:

Easy accessibility on the go:

In the cloud, the data is stored on multiple servers in different locations. So, the information will be available to you at the same speed irrespective of your location. It is a service offered via the internet. So, when you use the enterprise cloud storage, you can keep working on your applications on any internet connected device including smartphones, laptops, tablets and of course your personal computers back home. This improves employee teamwork.  They can update their tasks and reports from any location. You can work from home, access your files while travelling or even while in the middle of a meeting. This saves you plenty of time and money.

Scalable and available on demand:

As mentioned, data keeps increasing. The traditional method of storage is risky. You cannot keep adding new storage devices whenever the need comes. It can become chaotic. The enterprise cloud storage scales on demand. You can increase the storage capacity with just a couple of moves on your system and in case, you wish to reduce the capacity, it is possible by simply reversing the earlier moves. Cloud eliminates the need to buy external storage devices and gives you a secure option without risks of losing any data due to hardware corruption or device loss.

Data recovery:

The cloud providers replicate your data and save it across multiple servers in different locations. Even if you lose some information due to some negligence, accident, or disaster, the enterprise cloud storage ensures complete information is still available by connecting your site to the other servers. The data can be recovered and accessible all the time. If one server is down for some reason, you get access from the other servers in the network.


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