Thursday, 6 September 2018

How Beneficial is the SAP Hana Cloud for your Business?

The SAP Hana cloud is now known popularly as the SAP Cloud platform and this is essentially an in-memory PaaS or Platform as a Service. So, developers, start-ups and Independent Software Vendors or ISVs may use the SAP Hana cloud for creating and testing all Hana-based cloud apps. You may even use the SAP Hana for extending on-site software and cloud software; the payments are typically made according to a subscription-based model.

What will the SAP Hana cloud do for you?

The SAP Hana cloud being an open source platform can deliver many functions like core platform solutions, in-memory capabilities, and also innovative micro services for creating and extending smart web-based cloud apps. So, the platform is primarily for helping you make the change to digital transformations faster by offering you an economic and easy means to create the exact applications you need. So, you will not have to spend a fortune on costly on-premise infrastructure and the platform also offers total control and flexibility to you as far as applications, clouds and frameworks are concerned.

This platform is capable of processing transactions as well as advanced analytics to provide real-time insights. When you choose to work with SAP Hana cloud, you will not have to deal with disk latency or data duplication problems as in cases of other disk-based databases which have in-memory functionalities. This explains why the SAP Hana cloud helps to usher in new innovations, reduced IT complexities and simplified app development for most of its users. The SAP can offer a wide spectrum of choices when you deploy is because you get maximum control for on-premise, faster deployments to cloud solutions and hybrid for better flexibility and scalability. Moreover, you do not have to be worried about hardware lock-in clauses. This is more of a custom made solution which will enable you to deploy the existing infrastructural components like the network devices, processors and storage devices for deployments.

What are some of the key reasons why you should choose the SAP Hana cloud model?

  • For cloud migration in India the SAP Hana cloud is highly recommended because it can be deployed on many types of cloud model which brings a high degree of flexibility for users. So, this flexibility or variety can help customers carry out digital transitions in the ways which best match their vision and needs. So, you can choose a public cloud, a private cloud, public cloud IaaS, public cloud PaaS etc. For instance, the SAP Hana One refers to the pay-as-you-use cloud model that comes with AWS solutions. SAP Hana even allows you to test effects of system changes within a cloud before you perform any upgrade on-site 
  • When you choose SAP Hana in managed cloud, you can enjoy greater simplicity, optimization, innovations and complete peace of mind. You will be provided with a fully-scalable safe cloud offering and the managed services approach in the form of SAP Hana Enterprise Cloud solutions will help you run all core apps in the cloud through the SAP Hana technologies. You can enjoy optimized architecture for supporting the diverse needs of different customers. You can get a platform which is guaranteed to deliver the newest innovations and this offers you peace of mind, because you have an integrated support system. So, users of the SAP Hana cloud will no more have to make tradeoffs amongst failover, security, disaster recovery or performance. The SAP Enterprise Cloud will make way for built-in functions and management services which guarantees much faster implementation time. 
  • SAP Hana cloud will also make sure that partners and customers can integrate for innovations in the cloud using the SAP Hana technologies. Being an open source framework, this cloud platform will allow businesses to create, extend as well as integrate their data and apps to enjoy benefits of digital economy. This has made businesses more agile and customizable, user-friendly, mobile-enabled and collaborative.
These benefits show why this modern in-memory platform has made such a name for itself in the creation of next-generation applications which will be using the Internet of Things, Big Data, and Machine Learning etc. So, any organization which wants to use such high-end next-gen apps will definitely benefit from the SAP Hana cloud platform. They can therefore take advantage of the continuously-evolving information-sharing trends. The payment models are flexible being subscription based and since this is the only platform which is built on the SAP it can run and allow access to all real-time apps that are crucial for businesses to succeed. So, businesses enjoy an accelerated time to value and help them connect with their audiences better and offer their buyers more engaging experiences. Sine open program standards are always supported, the developers can also build enterprise-grade apps easily and these can be made to integrate with SAP solutions even if you do not know how to code. So, your overall ROI improves and costs come down because there is no need for upfront investments.


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